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Top Quality/ Dental Team

Top Quality
Dental Team

Award winning dentists and specially selected specialists that are continuously striving to stay up to date with the very latest dental techniques.

State of the Art/ Dental Services

State of the Art
Dental Services

We are a state-of-the-art dental office devoted to providing dental care for you and your whole family.

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As a cutting-edge dental facility in Istanbul, Turkey, you can undergo advanced treatments in a comfortable and positive environment with Pure White Dent®

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All-on 4

Life-changing treatment – a new smile in a day.The patient-friendly, scientifically proven, full-arch rehabilitation.

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Turkey strives to become a top destination for medical tourism. Thanks to its universal healthcare system, which includes foreign patients, it has become a famous hotspot for dental treatments.

Dental clinics in Turkey offer high-quality services at competitive prices. Dental treatments in Turkey are just a fraction of the cost of dental treatments in other developed countries worldwide. That’s one of the top reasons people travel to Turkey to get a permanent solution to dental problems and restore their beautiful smiles.

The reason why the prices of dental treatment in Turkey are a lot reasonable compared to the rest of the globe is that the facts are low labor costs, low cost of living, and currency devaluation. Those factors don’t affect quality in any way, which is nothing short of top-notch, thanks to extensive medical training.Some dental clinics in Turkey work with low-quality materials and inexperienced dentists and provide services at very low prices. It is necessary to be careful with these clinics.

Thanks to the ever-evolving market’s extraordinary development, Turkey has been at the forefront of innovation regarding dental treatments. Pure White Dent ® uses the latest technologies for dental treatments.

The price of dental treatment in Turkey differs from one case to another. The price might also fluctuate depending on the clinics and dentists. Still, we can confidently claim that in Turkey, you will be welcomed with prices more reasonable than any other place in the World as far as dental treatment is concerned.

As a general rule, most cosmetic treatments can be completed within a week with approximately 3 dental appointments. The process may vary according to the treatment you need. Please fill out the form immediately to get detailed information about the treatment you need and our medical consultants will help you.

Pure White Dent ® - Istanbul, Turkey

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