5 Key Reasons to Replace Your Missing Teeth

5 Key Reasons to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Healthy teeth not only help you have a great smile. They also affect your overall health. The absence of one or more teeth can make common problems such as chewing and speaking much more difficult. Microorganisms formed in the mouth can create a favorable environment for allergic reactions

Another factor is psychological problems. Many people cannot smile due to a lack of teeth and therefore lack self-confidence. At the same time, fears such as not being able to speak are also among the psychological factors. In this article, we will share 5 important reasons for healing missing teeth.


1-) Makes You Smile Confidently

It allows for having a beautiful smile. Since missing teeth and a narrow jaw form shadows on the teeth, the teeth may appear two or three tones grayer than they are. Straight and complete teeth reflect light better and provide white teeth, which are the basis of a beautiful smile.

2-) Rejuvenates Your Appearance

Your teeth help support your facial structure. When you lose your teeth, the shape of your face changes and makes you look older. Dental implants or other treatment methods provide support to your face similar to your natural teeth. Healthy teeth also prevent the shape of your face.

3-) Prevents Bone Loss

Losing your teeth, means you are about to lose your bone mass structure in your jaw. Your jawbone needs the stimulation it receives when your teeth are attached to maintain mass. Dental implants or other treatment methods are not to be neglected as a replacement option that replaces jawbone stimulation and helps prevent bone loss.

4-) Your Chewing Power Increases

Healthy and full teeth allow you to bite food with the right force, as they do not create gaps in your mouth and jaw structure. However, when you have a missing or decayed tooth structure, your biting power remains at low levels. By having a healthy and complete tooth structure, you can both eat healthier and have a cleaner oral - dental health.

5-) Healthy teeth increase self-confidence

The teeth are located in the center of the face, and even the smallest flaw can attract attention. Straight and healthy teeth are the most important keys to smiling comfortably and confidently. In addition, there is a very tight connection between dental appearance and self-confidence. In other words, people who are worried about their teeth will restrict themselves and this will reflect on their self-confidence.

People, who have missing teeth, keep themselves in the background at every stage of life, from social life to business life. Therefore, dental defects should not be neglected based on health and then aesthetic concerns. It should be intervened at an early age.

How to treat missing teeth?

To treat missing teeth, firstly, your dentist should examine your teeth. After your dentist's examination, the treatments that can be applied are compared. Among these treatments, you can choose the most suitable method for you with the advice of your doctor. If there is suitable and healthy gingival bone for implant treatment, this alternative is heavily preferred.

Missing Tooth Treatment Methods

Treating missing teeth is closely related to oral and dental health, as well as correcting your face shape and smile. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that the missing teeth are completed as soon as possible. Today, the methods applied to compensate for missing teeth are bridge treatment, dental implant, and prosthesis applications.


Dental implants are a kind of surgical procedure that tooth root is placed and fused with the jawbone. While dental implants work well when replacing a single tooth, they may not be the best option for replacing multiple teeth. Dental implants provide natural teeth appearance. However, dental implants are not the best solution for everyone. It requires surgery and often costs more than bridges or dentures.


In simple words, dental bridge treatment closes the gap between one or more missing teeth. It is a treatment method that can take days, as processes such as placing the implant, customizing the bridge, and replacing the missing teeth with the bridge require more than one session.

However, after the dental bridge treatment is completed, it feels like natural teeth and very good results can be observed. It does not need to be removed for cleaning and is typically much more cost-effective than a dental implant.


A dental prosthesis consists of dentures that can replace missing teeth and function normally. While dentures are great for chewing and aesthetic appeal, they are less durable than a dental implant or bridge and can be uncomfortable with prolonged use. In other words, the denture is both aesthetic and functional, but it can be uncomfortable and should not be used 24 hours a day. You should consult your dentist to find the best dental treatment for you.

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