A beautiful smile is a magical key to so many opportunities in life. It impacts your daily routine, your relationships, even your career. It is the definite sign of a welcoming, positive personality that cannot be faked. What is the key to a beautiful smile then? In reality, everyone has a beautiful smile. However, some minor but impactful deformations such as a missing tooth can sometimes overshadow your smile since it creates an undesirable look.

Missing a tooth may sound like a simple issue at first. Since most of us already have 32 of them, what difference can make one of them be missing, right? Unfortunately, even a single tooth can make or break the quality of your life, since it impacts your appearance and your crucial daily habits, including eating.

Before anything else, missing teeth takes away the freedom to smile to one’s heart’s desire. Being aware of how much it negatively influences appearance, those with missing teeth always try to hide it - sometimes consciously, sometimes without even being aware of it. This makes them perceived as preserved and shy of smiling in public. Besides, the gap in the place of the lost teeth may cause the neighboring teeth to move inwards and create space, causing irreplaceable damage in the look of the face. 

Tooth loss can have permanent impacts on the appearance as well. The gap in the mouth may lead to degradation in the surrounding bone in the long run, increasing the number of wrinkles on the face. 

Tooth loss, unfortunately, does not only affect the appearance but also poses a serious threat to physical health. Not having all the teeth in a healthy shape together reduces the ability to speak and eat. This damages the quality of daily life and destroys the digestive system and can even be life-threatening if left untreated. 

Although the outcome of teeth loss can be scary, it is possible to prevent all these with an efficient treatment, mostly known as the Dental Bridge. In Pure White Dent ®,   can safely replace your missing teeth with our high-quality dental bridge technology, saving you from the dangers of tooth loss through attentive care.

What is Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are one of the most common ways to replace missing teeth. As the name reflects, a tooth bridge is a bridge over the lost teeth anchoring the teeth on each side of the gap. To be able to build the bridge, the teeth on either side of the gap are grinding down. This operation provides a space for the bridge to be placed. During the procedure, in addition to the number of lost teeth, two more teeth are being bridged. For instance, if you have one lost tooth, three-tooth dental bridges would be needed to restore the appearance. In this way, up to four consecutive missing teeth can be replaced.

Dental bridges can be applied in three ways. The first form is the traditional dental bridge, which is the most known and common dental bridge procedure. During this procedure, teeth on each side of the gap are rasped and then the dental prosthesis is being placed on all the teeth to create the bridge. 

The second type of dental bridge method is called Maryland bridges. Even though the idea behind this method is quite similar to the traditional one, it has a few differences in terms of application. Its main difference from traditional dental bridges is that it does not require removing some of the enamel on the adjacent teeth. In the Maryland bridges, the prosthetic tooth has two wings on each side to be bonded to the back of the adjacent teeth. As opposed to the traditional methods, in the Maryland bridges, patients do not lose any part of their healthy teeth.  

The last method of dental bridges is implant-supported bridges, which do not require rasp any of the healthy teeth as in the Maryland bridges. Besides, an implant-supported bridge is mostly preferred for those who lost multiple consecutive teeth.

Who Can Benefit from Dental Bridges?

Patients who lost 1 to 4 consecutive teeth are the first group suitable for tooth bridge operations. To replace the missing teeth, either a traditional or implant-supported bridge can be implied depending on the medical condition. 

Traditional dental bridges are mostly applied to patients whose bone density is not suitable for implant bridges. For the application of traditional dental bridges, there should not be any disease and decay in teeth on each side of the gap. For an implant-supported bridge, on the other hand, the patient’s density of bone tissue should be sufficient to accommodate implant posts. 

Another group that can benefit from dental bridges is the users of removable partial dentures. When the old dentures are unable to satisfy the users in terms of comfort and esthetics, patients can easily switch to tooth bridges, which would make eating and speaking easier for patients while providing a better appearance and, of course, a smile.  

How Does the Process Work?

The dental bridge operation consists of multiple steps, starting from the pre-operation preparation process. The first step is to meet the expert dentist and to decide whether dental bridges are applicable for your specific condition or not. If so, your dentist would decide on which alternative method would be most effective for your case. The second step is the preparation of teeth based on the patient’s requirements. In this step, patients can see what their teeth will look like after the operation in a digital environment so that they can have an idea of what to expect. The next step is to prepare the bridges according to the patient’s teeth measurements and teeth color. The priority in this step is to prepare the most natural-looking and the best fitting bridges. The last step is attaching the bridges to the patients’ teeth. During this step, patients are asked whether they are satisfied with how the bridge looks, feels, and functions. Once the patients feel content with the bridge, it is time to permanently cement the procedure. After that, the only thing for patients to do is to enjoy their new, better look and beautiful smile. 

Why Choose Pure White Dent ®?

In dental health, any maloperation could lead to irreplaceable damages, meaning that you might end up with dental well-being that is even worse than it was before the operation. Therefore, it is critically significant to find a reliable and professional clinic with a remarkable experience. Besides, since dental bridges costs are usually beyond reach across the world, especially in Europe, it is crucial to benefit from the advantages of health tourism and get the operation in a country with more reasonable prices and high quality, such as Turkey. 

All things considered, Pure White Dent ®  is a great option for getting dental bridges treatment in Turkey. With 22 years of experience, Pure White Dent ®  offers you high-quality treatment, attentive care, and assistance through its professional team. Thanks to our high-quality materials and latest technology equipment, you will go through a safe procedure and enjoy its long-lasting results afterward. In terms of atmosphere, you can enjoy the regularly sterilized and comfortable environment of Pure White Dent ®. 

To find out the most suitable dental bridges procedure for you and to learn about tooth bridge cost you can fill out the form to immediately reach our medical health consultant.

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