Having healthy, well-shaped, and good-looking teeth have always been considered a sign of beauty and overall well-being throughout history. As much as its effect on our ability to speak and eat, a good set of teeth has a notable impact on our social image. A simple but warm-hearted smile is usually the way to present the most appealing version of yourself, which has a direct relation to nice-looking teeth. One can tidy herself/himself up by putting on makeup or shaving, tidying their hair, and trying to be friendly. A single botched tooth, however, can ruin all these efforts and destroy the image. Imagine your teeth are broken, have various colors, or are completely missing! How do you think it will affect the impression of yours on others? As you can guess, unfortunately, you may not be able to make the best impression, which can ultimately impact your everyday life. 

Having problems with teeth does not only affect appearance and how we are perceived by others but also becomes influential in shaping the self-image, and, in relation to that, self-esteem. Not being content with how you look may cause people to not be at peace with themselves, which is the number one factoring damaging self-esteem. We are all beautiful in our rights, that’s for sure. And yet, sometimes, a little boost such as better-looking teeth can be beneficial in emphasizing that fact. Besides, botched teeth may cause one to be self-preserved at the time of revealing their emotions and acting in general because of the constant urge to hide their teeth. 

Even though this seems like a major problem to tackle down, thanks to the modern technology and developments in the dental sector, we have dental crowns, which are the ultimate saviors of crooked teeth. Under dental crowns, one no longer needs to worry about the look of their simile and the health of their teeth. Through a dental crown treatment, you will get in Pure White Dent ®, you can have your healthy big smile with peace of mind. 

What are Dental Crowns?

Several factors and habits that we have in daily lives, unfortunately, are prone to harm our teeth, leaving visible damages on them in time. Tooth decay, injuries, or just regular usage may cause your teeth to lose their original shape or color, creating an unwanted look within your mouth. At these times, the filling may not always be sufficient to cover the entire teeth and it may need an additional procedure to gain a better look. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps prepared according to your tooth size and color and placed over the teeth. As well as changing the shape, size, and overall appearance, it also adds strength to your teeth. Thus, you can enjoy this new and good-looking tooth for a quite long time.

For dental crown procedures, teeth may need to be ground down. However, this is not always the same for each procedure. The grind-down depends on the esthetic expectations, he used material and place of the tooth. In some cases, the procedure continues without any grind-down.

Types of Dental Crown

Dental crowns are not standardized operations with a single form. Instead, they have different options depending on the used material, as well as the requirements of each specific case. In terms of the material of the crown, there are 5 different types of dental crown. The first option is metal crowns, mostly alloys of high content of gold or platinum, or base-metal alloys. Because of the metallic color, it is not preferred to use metal crowns for front teeth. For out of sight teeth, however, they can be the long-lasting solution you need. Metal crowns are quite enduring against chewing or biting, and they do not easily break. Considering the color disadvantage of metal crowns, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are a useful types of dental crowns to have a crown color matching with the adjacent tooth. As opposed to metal crowns, with these crowns, the risk of more wearing to opposing teeth is higher. Besides, the porcelain part of the crowns can break or chip. Even though they mostly look like natural teeth, sometimes, the metal portion of the crown can be visible. They can be used for back and front teeth, especially for long bridges to make them stronger. Another types of dental crown is all-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns, which can best match the color of your teeth and give you the most natural look. If you have a metal allergy, all-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns can be suitable for you. All resin dental crowns, on the other hand, are the cheaper option compared to other forms. However, parallel to its cost, its endurance is also less than others. The last form of dental crowns is different from all the others since it is considered to be temporary while all the others are used as permanent crowns. Stainless steel crowns are prefabricated and used to protect the teeth for a short term until the permanent crown is prepared in the laboratory. 

Who Needs Dental Crowns? 

As in its definition, various types of dental crowns can be preferred by anyone experiencing damage and some shape and material loss in their tooth. However, if we focus on the specifics of the target group, those who want to protect their weak tooth come to the forefront for the dental crown treatment. Dental crowns could also help to support and cover a tooth when a tooth is filled or canalled and not many parts of the original tooth are left. Besides, those having deformities and discolorations in their teeth can easily give their teeth a fresh healthy look with dental crown treatment. With dental crowns, the shape of the damaged tooth turns to the original or even better look, while the color becomes compatible with other teeth.

In addition to recovery of the existing teeth, dental crowns are important for the replacement of missing teeth. In these cases, dental crowns are used to hold the dental bridges in place and to cover dental implants. Thus, dental crowns are suitable for those who have missing teeth and planning to replace them with any of these two methods. Alongside all of these cases, dental crowns can be the solution for those who only want cosmetic modification and a better look, not even having serious problems in the shape and color of their teeth.

Dental crowns can also be used for the treatment of primary (baby) teeth of children. If a child has a damaged tooth because of decay, the filling may not always be the case for the tooth. In these cases, dental crowns could be useful to save the tooth. Besides, dental crowns can be used in cases where there is a risk of decay for a tooth but still a chance to save it. In these cases, dental crowns can protect the tooth from decay, especially if the child cannot sustain daily oral hygiene properly. Lastly, if a child cannot get proper dental care because of age, behavior, or medical history, dental crowns can reduce the frequency of general anesthesia for the child. In order to avoid any dental crown problems, the patients are recommended to go to an advanced clinic with an expert team and modern technological equipment, such as Pure White Dent ®.

How Does the Process Work?

The entire process of dental crowns is completed within two sessions. During the examination, the dentist may apply other treatments like canal treatment to remove any decay and prepare the tooth for the crown. In the first appointment, the tooth will be examined, and the material of the crown will be decided based on your needs. Depending on the material to be used, the tooth will be reshaped and prepared for the dental crown. Following the reshaping process, an impression of the tooth is taken for the preparation of the crown. In the first visit, the dentist will make a temporary crown to protect and cover the reshaped tooth. During the second appointment, in the following 2-3 weeks, the temporary crown is removed and the permanent one is placed. If everything (color, shape, and size) fit well, the crown is cemented permanently. In case of any dental crown problems, which are way less likely to have in an experience clinic such as Pure White Dent ®, the patients should immediately consult to their dentist.

Why Choose Pure White Dent ®?

In dental health, any maloperation could lead to irreplaceable damages, meaning that you might end up with dental well-being that is even worse than it was before the operation. Therefore, it is critically significant to find a reliable and professional clinic with remarkable experience. Besides, since dental crowns costs are usually beyond reach across the world, especially in Europe, it is crucial to benefit from the advantages of health tourism and get the operation in a country with more reasonable prices and high quality, such as Turkey. 

All things considered; Pure White Dent ® is a great option for getting dental bridges treatment in Turkey. With 22 years of experience, Pure White Dent ® offers you high-quality treatment, attentive care, and assistance through its professional team. Thanks to our high-quality materials and latest technology equipment, you will go through a safe procedure and enjoy its long-lasting results afterward. In terms of atmosphere, you can enjoy the regularly sterilized and comfortable environment of Pure White Dent ®. 

To find out the most suitable dental crowns procedure for you and to learn about dental crowns cost you can fill the form to immediately reach our medical health consultant.

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