Benefits and Risks of Dental Implants

Benefits and Risks of Dental Implants

Losing a tooth or a set of teeth is a serious problem that any one of us can encounter at any time. It creates a space in the mouth that is not only damaging to your aesthetic appeal but also very annoying in terms of functionality since it is difficult to eat and speak with an absence of a tooth. It can also end up creating more health issues from shifting to bone atrophy, on top of causing low self-confidence.

Thankfully, dentistry, which has become its medical field back in the 18th century, offers many effective solutions to the missing teeth problem, the most common and functional one of which is dental implants. Dental implants are titanium pieces that are known for their lasting impact.

Consisting of a small stud and an individualized crown, the dental implants replace the missing tooth without harming the gums or the rest of the teeth. Appearance-wise, it mimics the natural tooth perfectly, to the point that it is almost impossible to differentiate the two.

Although it is clear that dental implants are highly useful in increasing an individual’s life quality by providing a permanent solution to the missing teeth problem. And yet, there is also the fact that this is a serious medical operation. Thus, just like every other medical operation, it might have some risks and side effects that are essential to be aware of before deciding to have dental implants.

In Pure White Dent ®, we guarantee you the best dental implant experience possible through our expert team and advanced technological equipment. That being said, to inform you of the operation you will go through in detail, with both good and bad, is our duty. Here are some benefits and risks of dental implants that you should be aware of before getting the dental implant procedure.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The first and most apparent benefit of dental implants is the fact that they improve an individual’s experience dramatically. Since the missing tooth or teeth harm your appearance, particularly your smile, dental implants offer an amazing alternative to overcome that problem effectively.

Another important benefit of the dental implant process is their contribution to speech. Missing teeth not only harms your look but also your speech quality. Therefore, overcoming the missing teeth problem enhances your speech by improving your pronunciation and enabling you to deliver the words more clearly.

Since they are permanent solutions to the missing teeth problem, dental implants provide a much more comfortable experience than removable dentures which require constant care. Dental implants last almost forever with good care. That being said, dental implants do not require any more care than natural teeth, which is a major plus in comparison to removable dentures.

Besides, thanks to the dental implant procedure, individuals can eat more comfortably with their complete set of teeth. The missing teeth, on the other hand, cause chewing problems and turn the eating experience into a nightmare rather than a delightful part of your life.

Our smile is one of our essential features that shape our self-confidence since it defines how we are perceived by others. Therefore, when there is a missing tooth, and our smile is being negatively impacted by such a loss, our self-esteem gets impaired as well. Thankfully, through dental implants, it is easier than ever to preserve our self-confidence without any worries about our smiles.

Thanks to dental implants, it is likely to have better oral hygiene since it reduces the possibility of having any tooth or gum diseases. Empty spaces left by a missing tooth are the most convenient spots for bacteria to flourish. Since dental implants fill out that space perfectly, any bacteria-related diseases are much more preventable.

Risks of Dental Implants

Just like every other medical procedure, the dental implant process can cause some risks and complications that might create some discomfort in the patient’s life. However, these risks are often treatable and/or avoidable through advanced techniques that are applied in expert clinics such as Pure White Dent ®.

Some of the most common complications that can occur with dental implants are infection, damage to the surrounding tissue or teeth, implant rejection, and bleeding. There can also be pain, swelling on the gums, receding gums, and discoloration.

The infection is usually caused by bacteria which often emerges due to the pure sanitary conditions of the mouth. Some medical problems such as smoking and diabetes can also cause infections. While some infections might occur immediately after the operation, others might be present years after having the implants. The most important thing in avoiding bacteria and infection in the mouth is to have good oral hygiene.

Rarely, implants can also fail in one way or another. The weak jawbone situation as well as the pure quality of the bone can impact the implant’s placement negatively. In such conditions, the implants cannot hold on to the bone. Even if the bone structure is sufficient enough to hold the implant, if the procedure has taken place in amateur hands with the dentist not being able to place the implant properly, in the future, the implants loosen and even fall.

If the surrounding tooth stretch through the implant, a root canal operation might be required. But this scenario is also a rare one since the expert dentists are often considering the adjacent tooth when placing the dental implant. It is also important to make sure not to put pressure on a single implant since it might cause inflammation of the gums.

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