Orthodontics is a dental health branch that is focusing heavily on the appearance of the teeth to provide the patients with an aesthetic denture that ends up in a pleasing smile. The history of orthodontics goes back to ancient times, particularly ancient Greece where the initial roots of the orthodontic intervention flourished. That being said, just like every other medicine branch, orthodontics has reached its golden age through the modern era thanks to the advancements in technological and scientific fields. 

Teeth’s good health is a priority for many people, as it impacts not only the overall health of the body but also the quality of life. Unhealthy teeth cause poor quality of eating and talking, which are both essential aspects of life. However, healthy teeth alone are not enough to b satisfied with the way teeth are since the image of the teeth has a major impact on our overall look. In other words, not only how we see ourselves but also how we are perceived by others is heavily impacted by the appearance of our teeth. At that point, orthodontics enter the scene as the saviors of the many of us who are not blessed with the genetic lottery of good-looking teeth.

Even though orthodontics is an impactful way of reshaping how the teeth look, since it requires the usage of braces and other materials that are visible to the sight for a certain period, many prefer to not go through the treatment. In a lot of people’s opinion, a poor-looking tooth is better than living with unnatural material in your teeth. One of the common concerns of these people is the public perception of the treatment process. For instance, children and teenagers are worried about their peers teasing them for wearing braces while adults are afraid their orthodontic treatment might affect their professional life poorly. 

Thankfully, orthodontics offers a sub-branch that provides a solution to these people who prefer to not go through the traditional orthodontic treatment. Known as the invisible orthodontics, this particular branch provides not only advanced orthodontics treatment to the individuals, but also eases the process through its invisible materials that are not damaging the overall appearance of the patients. In Pure White Dent ®, we work with an expert orthodontist team that is specialized in invisible orthodontics and is ready to provide the best quality service to you. 

What is Invisible Orthodontics?

Invisible orthodontics can be summarized as the combination of orthodontic treatments that are almost invisible to the eye. Through transparent materials, this particular sub-branch of orthodontics provides a more aesthetically pleasing treatment process to individuals who would like to avoid any visible material - including braces - around their mouth area. Invisible orthodontics are preferred for providing a more well-heeled treatment process for the patients. 

Who Can Benefit from Invisible Orthodontics?

Particularly the adults in the workforce who require orthodontic treatment but want to be discreet about their treatment process, especially within the work environment prefer invisible orthodontics for the advanced orthodontics treatment. That being said, even though adults are more likely to prefer invisible orthodontics, anyone at any age who requires orthodontic treatment can get invisible orthodontics. Of course, consulting the expert orthodontics in this respect carries the utmost importance as he/she is the one that knows what type of treatment is best suited for any specific case.

How Does the Process Work?

There are multiple invisible orthodontics treatments to choose from. To get an advanced orthodontics treatment, the patients must choose the most suitable invisible orthodontics treatment for their specific case. In determining that, the patient’s age, complaint, and economic situation play a great role. 

The first type of invisible orthodontics is the ceramic ones which are mostly similar to the traditional metal braces except for being made out of a material that mimics the look of the patient’s teeth, especially in terms of its color. Since it provides a natural look, it is mostly invisible to the others. While in most cases the metal wires are utilized to link the ceramic braces, in others, the orthodontist might prefer to use transparent wires which would create an even more invisible look. The process of the ceramic braces also proceeds similar to the metal ones, meaning that the patients are expected to regularly visit their orthodontist to modify the braces.

The second type of invisible orthodontics is the transparent one which are braces made out of resin. As you can get from the name of the braces, they are completely transparent meaning that they reflect whatever color your teeth are. They are also fixed, meaning that there is no need to worry about dissolving in time. These types of braces are also highly long-lasting. Similar to the other types of braces, transparent ones also require regular dental visits to the orthodontist. 

The lingual braces are also fixed, but they are made out of metal. How can a metal brace be categorized under the umbrella of invisible orthodontics? Well, these metal braces are placed to the backside of the teeth, which provides maximum invisibility to the patients. They are strong and long-lasting, but also more expensive compared to the other types of braces, which is the cost of having a completely invisible treatment.

Last but not least, there are invisible aligners that have revolutionized orthodontic treatment during the past couple of decades with not only their transparency but also their efficiency. Unlike the previously mentioned braces, these are not fixed items. Instead, they are removable mouthguards made out of clear splinters specifically for the patient’s mouth and teeth. Their efficiency comes into effect when they gradually apply pressure on the teeth of the patient to reshape their placement and overall look. The process of treatment also takes a shorter time compared to the braces method. They are long-lasting, easy to keep hygienic, and convenient to use as patients can remove them whenever they want. While it is mandatory to put the aligners on while sleeping since the patients are recommended to wear them for about 22 hours a day, they should be removed during eating. 

Why Choose Pure White Dent ®?

​​In dental health, any maloperation could lead to irreplaceable damages, meaning that you might end up with dental well-being that is even worse than it was before the operation. Therefore, it is critically important to find a reliable and professional clinic with a remarkable experience. Besides, since Invisible Orthodontics costs are usually beyond reach across the world, especially in Europe, it is crucial to benefit from the advantages of health tourism and get the operation in a country with more reasonable prices and high quality, such as Turkey. 

All things considered, Pure White Dent ® is a great option for getting Invisible Orthodontics treatment in Turkey. With 22 years of experience, Pure White Dent ® offers you high-quality treatment, attentive care, and assistance through its professional team. Thanks to our high-quality materials and latest technology equipment, you will go through a safe procedure and enjoy its long-lasting results afterward. In terms of atmosphere, you can enjoy the regularly sterilized and comfortable environment of Pure White Dent ®. 

Besides, when it comes to Invisible Orthodontics, Pure White Dent ® is working with the best in the field through the Invisalign brand. We are proud to say that the top 1 Invisalign provider in Turkey, the certified Invisalign adult, and teen doctor Ferdi Allaf is a valuable part of our team and is ready to provide you with the best orthodontic treatment.

To find out the most suitable Invisible Orthodontics procedure for you and to learn about tooth bridge cost you can fill out the form to immediately reach our medical health consultant.

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