What determines our beauty? Is it our face? Is it our body? Or is it our manners? Most people would say it is the combination of all these factors and more since beauty is a subjective notion that differs for everyone. That being said, for many, our face is a vital part of determining our beauty since it has the eyes, through which our soul can be seen. It also has the mouth which reflects our emotions through not only the words but also its mimics, particularly the smile. 

A smile both provides positive energy to the outside world and welcomes others to engage with you, but also reveals your beauty as it is the moment that one’s true self shines. “One can know a man from his laugh, and if you like a man's laugh before you know anything about him, you may confidently say that he is a good man,” said Fyodor Dostoyevski once, highlighting the importance of the smile in knowing someone. All these points to the fact that a smile is as effective as to make or break one’s relationships, meaning that it can affect all parts of their life from the matters of the heart to the career. Thus, many people attempt to have an aesthetic smile that will highlight their stance in life and will open the doors for positivity for them.

Normally, there is no reason for a smile to create a negative impression. However, some issues with the appearance and health of the teeth and the gums might create an unwanted look that requires esthetic intervention. Gingival Esthetics comes to the equation at this exact point as it enables individuals to not only recover their gum-related health issues but also provides a more aesthetically pleasing look. Pure White Dent ®’s qualified services and expert dentist team provide the patients with Gingival Esthetics operations that will transform not only their smile but also their overall appearance. 

What is Gingival Esthetics?

To understand Gingival Esthetics, we should look at the function and value of the gingival tissue for people, particularly the mouth. Despite being usually overlooked in comparison to the teeth, gingival tissue is as important if not more for oral health and appearance. Any issues with gingival tissue, including gingival hyperplasia, gingival abscess, gingival recession, and gingival enlargement, may cause health problems that will damage the quality of life by making both eating and speaking processes difficult. Besides, it would also impact the appearance of a person negatively, which would ultimately end up in an unpleasant smile. Gingival Esthetics is the collection of dental aesthetic procedures that treat the issues with the gums while providing a more pleasing look. Since a smile shows off not only the teeth but also the gums, Gingival Esthetics has critical importance in achieving the desired smile. 

Who Can Benefit from Gingival Esthetics?

Gingival Esthetics can be utilized by people who are experiencing a variety of issues on their gums. One of those issues is the gummy smile, in which a person’s smile reveals their gum more than usual. Gingival hyperplasia can also cause a similar outcome, which can be treated through Gingival Esthetics. Fortunately, Pure White Dent ®’s Gingival Esthetic services provide a smooth treatment process for the gummy smile. During the process, the excess amount of gums that are revealed through the smile are determined and then through laser, it is diminished to the normal size. Thanks to the usage of lasers, the operation causes no pain and the patients experience no bleeding.

Gingival recession is another situation that requires Gingival Esthetics to be treated. Gingival recession is mostly experienced by the elderly as it is often considered as the bi-product of the aging process. The problem causes black spaces in between the teeth, which creates an unpleasant look. Gingival Esthetics prove to be effective in getting rid of those spaces and restoring the gum to its old form. 

One might also experience unwanted color intensity in their gums. In this situation, the pinkness of the gum is darker in certain areas than in others. The entirety of the gum can also be in a darker shade of pink, which is also known as melanin pigmentation. Gingival Esthetics provides treatment for melanin pigmentation as well, which is done via Pure White Dent ®’s advanced laser technology that fixes the issue within minutes. 

If left untreated, all these problems might end up in periodontal disease, which usually ends up in teeth loss - the worst possible outcome of any dental situation. In some extreme cases, the bacteria that develops on the untreated gums might even move to the heart and claim one’s life. That is to say, Gingival Esthetics is not only an aesthetic procedure that is done for good looks but also a life savior in some cases since gingival problems are more serious than most people realize.

How Does the Process Work?

In Pure White Dent ®, the Gingival Esthetics procedures often follow similar steps that are conducted by our expert team. The initial step consists of the analysis of the gums by the expert dentists during which the dentists come up with the diagnosis of the patient’s situation. Then, they prepare a step-by-step procedure for the treatment. During most operations, modern laser technology is utilized heavily since it provides a pain-free, efficient treatment in a short time. The Gingival Esthetics operations can take as short as 15 minutes, and the recovery process usually wraps up without any major issues such as bleeding or swelling. 

Why Choose Pure White Dent ®?

In dental health, any maloperation could lead to irreplaceable damages, meaning that you might end up with dental well-being that is even worse than it was before the operation. Therefore, it is critically significant to find a reliable and professional clinic with a remarkable experience. Besides, since Gingival Esthetics costs are usually beyond reach across the world, especially in Europe, it is crucial to benefit from the advantages of health tourism and get the operation in a country with more reasonable prices and high quality, such as Turkey. 

All things considered, Pure White Dent ® is a great option for getting Gingival Esthetics treatment in Turkey. With 22 years of experience, Pure White Dent ® offers you high-quality treatment, attentive care, and assistance through its professional team. Thanks to our high-quality materials and latest technology equipment, you will go through a safe procedure and enjoy its long-lasting results afterward. In terms of atmosphere, you can enjoy the regularly sterilized and comfortable environment of Pure White Dent ®. 

To find out the most suitable Gingival Esthetics procedure for you and to learn about tooth bridge cost you can fill out the form to immediately reach our medical health consultant.

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