For most of us, our teeth start to grow when we are just infants, about 6-month-old. Starting from that point on, our teeth enable us to eat, digest and talk better while providing us an aesthetic smile. All these contributions of the teeth to our lives are valid even when we are just babies. Still, most people assume that dental problems only occur when we grow out to be adults. This perception cannot be more wrong since it excludes a variety of dental problems that children and infants face, as well as many dental disciplines. 

From the point that our gums start to develop teeth, not only the positive contributions of having teeth come to light but also some problems that might occur with it in case of poor dental care. Therefore, taking good care of our teeth has been our, and our parents, obligation since a very early age. Even though the children’s baby teeth are often replaced with better, stronger ones as they reach middle grade, one cannot rely on this fact and neglect dental care. Any infections or bacteria developing in the baby teeth can harm the permanent teeth in the long run. Thus, the baby teeth should be treated with the utmost care, just like permanent teeth. 

In Pure White Dent ®’s pedodontics service, we provide your child with the best tooth care with our expert team and advanced technological equipment. Thanks to our masterful pedodontics service, your children will have a healthy denture, as well as a good-looking one that leads to an attractive smile. 

What is Pedodontics?

Pedodontics, also known as pediatric dentistry, is a dental discipline that specializes in treating children's dental problems. From infancy to - mostly - the age of 18, children require the caretaking of a pediatric dentist. A Pediatric dentist is not only responsible for diagnosing and treating the children’s dental issues, but also for providing the necessary knowledge of dental care to the children. Pedodontics also works as a preventive dental discipline as the regular visit to a pediatric dentist since infancy often avoids any major problems from occurring in childhood, as well as adulthood. 

Who Can Benefit from Pedodontics?

Children should be under dental pedodontics supervision since they develop their first tooth when they were infants. Pedodontics makes wonders at this age period since it makes sure the mouth and jaw development is right while fixing common dental problems of that particular era, including thumb-sucking. 

Besides, getting familiarity with a pediatric dentist from an early age enables your child to develop a sympathy for dental care. From these regular visits to the pediatric dentist, the child learns a lot about dental care and becomes able to take care of his/her oral hygiene.

How Does the Process Work?

Although for the most part children are not very fond of going to a doctor’s or dentist’s office, the special treatment they get in pediatric dentists’ offices usually eradicates their nervousness on the issue. Being specially trained on the children’s behavior, the pediatric dentists are successful in providing a comfortable and assuring environment for the children to enjoy. During these appointments, children get to learn how to brush their teeth properly and preserve oral hygiene. 

The pediatric dentists also monitor the developing process of the mouth and teeth structure and make sure all the preventive measures are taken for a healthy mouth and a lovely smile. One of those preventive measures is fluoride application, which is highly effective in avoiding caries formation on children’s teeth. Thanks to fluoride usage, the teeth develop resistance against caries. Another preventive method that is common among pediatric dentists is fissure sealant. The majority of caries developed on children’s teeth are fissure caries that develop on the grooves. Even if the children do a good job in taking care of/her oral hygiene, it is likely for the food remains to stitch at the grooves. Fissure Sealant covers these grooves up through a filling that prevents food residues from turning into caries. Last but not least, the pediatric dentists also make sure that the children would not experience any orthodontic problems in the future. One of the most common methods for this aim is the placeholder, which replaces a missing baby tooth so that the permanent teeth would not move toward the space and create a disordered dental appearance. 

Why Choose Pure White Dent ®?

​​In dental health, any maloperation could lead to irreplaceable damages, meaning that you might end up with dental well-being that is even worse than it was before the operation. Therefore, it is critically important to find a reliable and professional clinic with a remarkable experience. Besides, since pedodontics costs are usually beyond reach across the world, especially in Europe, it is crucial to benefit from the advantages of health tourism and get the operation in a country with more reasonable prices and high quality, such as Turkey. 

All things considered, Pure White Dent ® is a great option for getting pedodontics treatment in Turkey. With 22 years of experience, Pure White Dent ® offers you high-quality treatment, attentive care, and assistance through its professional team. Thanks to our high-quality materials and latest technology equipment, you will go through a safe procedure and enjoy its long-lasting results afterward. In terms of atmosphere, you can enjoy the regularly sterilized and comfortable environment of Pure White Dent ®.

For most children, going to a dentist is an obligation that no one looks for. And, unfortunately, a missing set of teeth is one of the most vital reasons to pay a visit to your dentist. That being said, in Pure White Dent ®, getting a pedodontics treatment is an effortless act with a smooth process that prioritizes the comfort of the patients over everything. Therefore, even though the dental treatments can last for a long time and sometimes might cause some pain, Pure White Dent ®’s expert names do their best to minimize any discomfort at all times.

In Pure White Dent ®, you will get the pest pedodontics treatment for your kid, with our expert team of dentists and orthodontists, as well as advanced technological equipment. In the end, your child will have a naturally healthy set of teeth with an amazing smile. 

To find out the most suitable pedodontics procedure for you and to learn about tooth bridge cost you can fill out the form to immediately reach our medical health consultant.

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